Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Join Us at Our New Home!

We have a domain!

Join us at! Here's the feed, too.

Or you can always head over to the Libsyn mirror site.

All new episodes are being hosted over at the new site though I've been able to add a player below for our most recent episode. See you there!

(p.s., clicking on the title of this post will just bring you back here. This link will take you to the new domain.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Episode One hundred thirty-four: Free to Be Crafty

New shownotes and audio link here.

A couple of links and a few pics and chapter 10! Whoo hoo!

The LocalGringos Etsy shop, The Cloth/Paper/Scissors that I now love,

Some work on my end.
My version of crafty-ness:

And Critter Stuffies (both from Cloth Paper Scissors):

Sister's Wedding Shawl:

Sister's Wedding Shawl

My Neverending Amy Plug-n-Play Shawl:
Neverending Shawl

And once I started digging on the site, lookee what I found from forever ago!View voice-mail-mar-29-06-21-pm...And yes...there is Twain in our future. I can feel it...