Friday, May 30, 2008

Episode Ninety-seven: Badges and Bill

New shownotes and audio link here.

All aboard for Camp Laurence!

Chapter 12--whoo hoo!

Rosie the dog is back, but still depressed (Though Thing 1 is Happy!)
while I am frazzled like a snozzcumber. I belatedly thank Erin and also Judith for the everso bitchen' book. I try to escape the dreaded viral malaise that has struck my children (HA!), mourn Malabrigo's loss, and hand out a tasty recipe!
APOLOGIES to Brenda Dayne...who hosts CAST-ON!...For the love of Pete...THIS is how the week has gone!

BREAD NOTE: ONLY two TBSP of milk, mixed with 1/2 tsp of baking soda. Then 1 hour at 350° or less for muffins.
Thanks for the headsup!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Episode Ninety-six: I'm Baaaaack!

New shownotes and audio link here.

I return from the curious cruise, wax rhapsodic on our listeners, remind myself why I don't sew more often, hand out a link to Dot and Line, visit the bone marrow site, Don't forget to check out my roomie's blog and her Chum articles! Janwillem books or at least the first in the Amsterdam Cop series (BIG FUN!). Oh, and the new crochet book!

Chapter 11 of Little Women and don't forget you can send audio comments via phone now!