Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Episode Thirty-nine: As Far As The Screw Can Turn

Some things you didn't hear me talk about; some things you did. And the end of the book!
The Librarian's Lament (don't you loathe hearing, "yeah, that's just your opinion..." when someone says something like, "the world isn't flat!"), and a killer library.

Some things to do in the spring to help make the world a less polluted place...why can't they just make a kit!?!

A Manifesto I can get behind.

Freaky shark!

Spider_Knit's cool blog.

Buy yarn here for the rest of January (in case you hadn't seen the Yarn Harlot's post--it's #5). And Teresa sent this link which tempted her even though she doesn't knit (Hey, Teresa, check out the Winter Spin-Off for some embroidery ideas! You could hookup with a spinner/felter/knitter!)

My sister has asked me to knit her a special hat. Sadly, the pdf of the pattern is AWOL so I may have to begin my first adventure in faking a pattern. Whoo hoo!

A list of courses Ruth alerted me to can be found here. No college credit, but MY! MY! look at the listings!

And, of course, next week (if I'm available) we'll hear some short stories while we decide what to read next!

Friday, January 19, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Liana at SewIntriguing just tagged me. So as not to take up space here, I've moved my tagging to my other Blog, Mama O Knits Too Much.

Thanks Liana!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Episode Thirty-eight: The Neverending Cable

First: Chapters 18-19-20!

Second: Stephanie Pearl McPhee's SOAR interview.
Whoo hoo!

And the rest: Sock Darning.
Nuff said.

And worth mentioning again--the best Toe-Up cast-on in the WORLD! in my deeply biased opinion...

Here's the article on the Ladies in Phoenix, knitting for the good of others...and themselves.

And, from Julie: The Sci Phi Show--another philosophy podcast. Predictably enough the podcaster uses science fiction to launch each subject discussion.

And Julie also wrote: since you've been into Weird Al Yankovich you might enjoy the novelty songs featured on the most recent Geek Survival Guide. The podcast is about 15 minutes long and the songs are fun.

And Debra's Tallit with accompanying planning information:

the bottom border was instinct with some Jewish numerology thrown in; the neckband was charted but also adapted the little "entry motif" before the zig-zag. I used a lot of combinations of 7 (Sam's birthday - 7/7/94, born at 10:10 a.m., and his bar mitzvah is 7/7/07 in the Western world) and C'hai - so there are 18 stitches in the zig-zag repeat, and I'll do 9 of them, which makes 18 of the triangles....

And where she got the Qiviut:
The yarn in the tallit is qiviut, which I found not in Alaska where I grew up, but online from Caryll's Designs.

And...the (unblocked) neverending cable. This is a side view of the (did I mention unblocked?) hood. The color actually came out pretty close to true on this one. Go figure!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Episode Thirty-seven: Unfair! Protest!

Today, Chapters 15, 16 AND 17!

Today I have some fun silkworm links, some pretty pics of the Pysanky eggs by Jen (who is very, very, very prolific while listening), some pics of intersting historical spindles, and some lip from Julie!

Tee hee!

Julie absolutely rightfully called me on the carpet for my anti-governess bias, so here's my rec. Go listen to the last episode, last chapter, with a different ear (that would be at roughly 47 minutes into episode 36). Then keep listening to today's chapters. Yeah...Julie has a point. I'll also let you in on some things Ol' Henry himself had to say about the book.

I may also share some of ELOISE in Paris (okay, NEXT week...) and remind you that really, truly, I loathe being a single Mom.

¿Donde esta mi esposo?

And some helpful info from Jen:
pysanky (piz·ahnk·yeh) is the name of those Ukrainian/polish eggs. singular = pysanka
Kiska (pl = Khttp://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifisky) is the name of the stylus thingie.

She also says:
if you like Weird Al, you might be interested in The Apologetix. they are a
Christian parody group that does Christian remakes of pop songs just like
Weird Al.

Oh! And don't forget to visit Ms Stitchy McYarnPants!

Found! Philosophy Podcasts! This is the one I spoke of. This one may even be a little better.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Episode Thirty-Six: Toe Woes

Today's theme is "Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense" which comes to us from a (probably apocryphal) story about King Edward III and the Order of the Garter. A rough translation is "Shame to him who thinks ill of it" but my AP English teacher used it as "Evil will be seen by those who look for it." Actually he may have had a different famous French quote, but I took Spanish so I wouldn't recognize a the real quote if it walked up and shook my hand.


Today we have chapters 12-14.

On my needles and on my son's walls today...

And how are your toes? Hmm?

Does your sunscreen have: formulas that include ingredients — like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or Mexoryl SX — that impede damage from the sun’s longer wavelength UVA rays, a protective effect that is not indicated by a product’s SPF rating.

And if you're interested in more on Mosquito bites, check out:
Herbal Medicine site or the WebMD page or something my sister found on Google.

And some chairty/sock 411 from Jenny M. many thanks. You can also check out Knitting Peace.

Cheers for Store Wars and Weird Al!

And a special thank you to Cindy, the generous Park Slope Blogger (ah, the Motherland).