Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode One-hundred sixteen: No, Really! 116! AND One-hundred seventeen: A Little End

I'm back-to-backing the last chapters so you can finish happy over Thanksgiving.

I'll be back in December with Jeckyl and Hyde...which seems odd for the Xmas Spirit thing, but...We'll have The Scarlet Letter in the new year...which actually seems oddly appropriate.

These episodes contain the following:
  • episode 116—chapters 44–46
  • episode 117—chapter 47, the final chapter, "Harvest Time"
OH! And check out Pintoid Cameras! And what they do!

UPDATE 11/28/09: SO SORRY! You can tell I've been in a Word-Count-Amongst-The-Visiting-Relatives hole for the last few days. I've fixed the problem (I think). Email the MamaOKnits address if this STILL isn't working. Many apologies and hope you had a happy Turkey Day!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Episode One-hundred fifteen: Who Knew?!

New shownotes and audio here.

A great article on the REAL author of Frankenstein (it's what you'd hoped--better than...), some kewl artsy things to do with small boxes, and yes, I call it episode 116. It's not.

And Who Knew?!
Who knew we'd have a run to the emergency room on Halloween night, an election that took up WAY more time than we thought, a novel that is actually progressing, various illnesses (hello Coxsackie!) and, you know, the rest of the life stuff.

Enjoy chapters 42 and 43!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where She At?

Sorry to stay away!

I've had a month this week!
Halloween, emergency rooms, family visits, elections, more doctors, more family.
I'll be back soon!