Thursday, May 28, 2009

Episode One hundred thirty-three: Eek! A Leech!

Now, now...didn't mean to frighten you there...Leech was just a old fashioned way of saying "Doctor."

Which makes me wonder why ANYONE would ever go to the Doctor?!

Huge thanks to Penelope for reading this week!!!! YAY CRAFTLIT LISTENERS!!!

Camille sent this picture she found. Feel the drama?

News from Interweave:

Quilting Arts Gives Away Free eBook of 7 Quilted Bag Patterns

eBook giveaway celebrates launch of the new Quilting Arts website and online community,

Loveland, Colo. - May 2009: Quilting Arts magazine announced this month that they are giving away a new free eBook, 7 Quilted Bag Patterns: Handmade Quilt Bags from Quilting Arts, to celebrate the launch of their new online community website,

The new Quilting Arts online community is a place for contemporary quilters to engage with each and the magazine’s editors online, upload photos of their work, share videos, comment on stories, view Quilting Arts Challenge galleries, download free projects and tutorials, and much more.

The 18-page eBook offers easy-to-print sewing patterns and templates for making seven different handmade bags for every personality and skill level, from beginning stitchers to advanced art quilters. The free eBook of quilted bag patterns includes materials lists and step-by-step directions for every bag, along with beautifully photographed full-color examples.

“There is such a wide variety of quilted bags in this free eBook, from quilted accessory purses that are perfect for holding your jewelry or makeup when you travel to evening clutches and eco-friendly shopping bags. You might want to make them all. And what I love about quilted bags is that they are the perfect small project for trying new skills, or to show off your love of quilting when you’re out and about,” says Quilting Arts Editor Pokey Bolton.

Beginners can try their hands at an easy-to-assemble Artful Eco Bag, then apply their quilting skills to a Pretty Purse. The Easy & Elegant Quilted Bag is perfect for people who love embellishment and stitch, but not necessarily the intricacies of sewing patterns. More experienced artists will love the Blue, Yellow, and Purple Evening Bags and the Mini Messenger Bag with a digitally altered and inkjet-printed design.

Download the free eBook of 7 Quilted Bag Patterns here:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Episode One hundred thirty-two: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

For all of you (ahem, all of us) who don't speak know...just in general...that would be a title for the Governor in our little book--in English: Who Watches the Watchmen?

This week, Chapters 7 and 8 of The Scarlet Letter.

Some quick links for your merriment: Checkout Scrivener if you have a Mac and write stories, lookee at News Knitter, Interesting idea...LifeHacks, another way to organize your days, quick and dirty (really) mosquito trap, how to read more books this year, how to learn faster, 14 ways to make your resolutions stick, The No-S Diet (not what you think), cool art from a Tucsonan, take a look at Ravelry before there was a Ravelry, a kewl knitted village, more expensive mosquito killer, and, finally, a fun blog add-on.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Episode One hundred thirty-one: Pearls Before Swine...Flu?

Not much for you this episode. Maryland Sheep and Wool was great. Jennie the Potter and Dawn and Amy were spectacular (a year since the cruise! Who knew?!).

And now I'm heading out to NYC. Ping me if you are there and want to hook up.

Whoo hoo!

Next week will likely NOT have a 'cast, but the week after, you know it!

And don't forget the challenge! Lots of Scarlet Letter yarn went at MSW. It really is a great scarlet color--and a wool silk blend.



Perhaps we need a Scarlet Letter T-shirt...