Thursday, May 24, 2007

Episode Fifty-five: Still Knitting...

And, um...weaving too.

Like I needed another pastime...

Begging for a knitted farm.
And did I tell you about this fantastic book?!

And, finally, I have to share my Sock Yarn Love from Katie's store (this is Desert Olive and Sincerity in the Juliet yarn, 75% superwash and 25% nylon...and it's so soft you'll wonder where they hid the nylon...). Yay Katie!

And a belated thank you to Rachael who dyed some sock yarn for me--gorgeous Kool Aid colors! MORE SOCKS! Whoo hoo! (And Rachael, if your DH convinces you to come to AZ--and you's a dry heat--be sure to let me know when and where!)

And the essay I refer to in the 'Cast.

Don't forget. If you want a copy of When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters you have to send me your most outrageous knitting horror story. My sister and husband--impartial to the intricacies of knitting and your names, but very good writers--will pick the three best for me to read on the next episode, and those three lucky folks will receive their own copy. Gratis! (You can thank the publishing company.)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Episode Fifty-four: Raveled

Soon (I hope) I'll post an interview with Jessica of new website for knitters and crocheters which is in Beta now. You can sign up on the waiting list, though. And,'ll probably want to.

But don't let the definition make your head hurt--notice the odd little usage overlap below? Ow!

And, because I'm still an English Teacher at heart:

A little art to make you think...

Debra sent in a "convergence of art, science, and craft." Really. Pics here.

"HoyaGirl" left a message I couldn't reply to asked if she should go ahead and start the paperwork for her Clear Credential. My thoughts: It's never too early to start banging your head against the bureaucratic wall that is Public Education--it's a noble sort of calling that I'm proud to call my own.

My former student Anahad, and my Sister have BOTH released books this month!

And an amazing bird for you and a huge elephant seal!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bonus Episode! Knit.1 with Adina Klein

Our humble podcast has been graced by the Editor-in-Chief of SoHo Publishing's Knit.1 magazine—Adina Klein (SoHo also does Vogue Knitting and Knit Simple).

Aside from being awful fun to talk to, Adina is a knitter, crocheter, painter, sketcher, purveyor of fine books (new ones!), and--my fave--a Nationally Ranked Scrabble Champ.

How cool is that!?!

We might get a chance to talk to her again later this year. I'll keep you posted.

So, kick back, enjoy a peek into the secret world of Knitting Mag creation, then go get yourself a copy of Knit.1's new Green Issue. Chock full-a good stuff.

And for those who are non-knitters (I know you're out there!) you may want to take a look at the instructions at the back of the magazine. They're so clear, it may convince you to pick up some pointy sticks.


I'm off to weave for a bit.

No, really!

Direct link (in case iTunes muffed it again).

Episode Fifty-two AND Fifty-three—Double Your Fun!

NOTE: Glitches on 52 and 53 have been fixed--re-download Episode Fifty-two and Episode Fifty-three and all will be well. (And Verizon really does suck, but they didn't make the glitch.)

Show notes for 52 and 53 are jumbled in here.
Sorry 'bout that...

I'll tell you what!
Check this out--thank you Jenna!

Don't forget to visit ShopYarnLove! New yarns coming soon! Nummy! And grab a t-shirt while you're at it!

Updates on Turning Forty (yeah, it's in caps) and how much I miss The Met.

On Sale!
My wonderful Daddy!

Hope you caught the interview with Adina Klein from Knit1 we got in on the get-out-the-word event for their new "Green" issue (seriously, NAYY, you should pick this one up--even if you don't knit). Can I tell you how excited (read: terrified) I was?

A badger for a Swap Buddy and more on that on my regular blog.

My Goofy (see the fifth comment) Sister. (And Cool Rosslyn Church Info and video!)

When Knitters Come Unhinged. (Dark Lord? Cute?)

Anything in your life feel like a circle of hell? Take a look at The Onion. I loved this and found it again recently when emailing with a listener. Clevah!

For you Golden Compass Fans—My Dæmon (and my fear of "children in peril):

I think you can click there or here and either agree or disagree with it's shape--then watch it transform.

A cool French Revolution short story! Thanks G-Nina!

And, never least!
An Episode Fifty-two link to Becky's work at Librivox. Without here, I kid you not, you'd all be sitting there this week saying, "HUH?! WHA???". Bless you Becky, for saving our ears! I'll play you out with her rendition of "The Tuft of Flowers" by Robert Frost. Her fave.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Where's Heather?

Well, here's the thing:
Technology is only good when it works.

Last night I recorded the entire blasted podcast, realized the audio on the chapters was too low, saved the file to wait until this morning to fix and upload.

I just went into the file to fix it up and post it and...

What file?

WHAT file?

Why then, you may ask, is she not just fixing it/re-recording it now?

Because my husband is whisking me away in minutes to go to NYC for my birthday weekend!

That good.

I get to go here, and eat here, and sing here, and see my friends here.

I am happy.
I'm sorry about the podcast though.

Monday, I'll record an interview, re-record the podcast, and all will be well.

I hope YOU have a great weekend too!