Friday, March 27, 2009

Episodes 124, 125, and 126

Herin lie Episodes One hundred twenty-four, One hundred twenty-five, and One hundred twenty-six: The Party of the First Part, The Party of the Second Part, and Don't Forget the Roses.

The links, as promised: The Dickens Link, the link to Frolicking Deer Lavender Farms, microtia bracelets here, books reviewed are Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush and Boutique Knits by Laura Irwin.

April Incentive: Artists' Journals and Sketchbooks by Lynne Perrella.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Scarlet Letter...

Coming soon to a podcast near you!

The Scarlet Letter
I'm researching. Some of you are recording (and doing a BEAUTIFUL job, I might add). And the rest of you are waiting with baited breath...I hope.

Last week of March 2009, look for the first episode in the new series to pop up.

Off to

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Episodes One-hundred twenty-two and One-hundred twenty-three

Some fun for you!

A Death Clock! Whoopie! (I've got some time, so we'll finish a few more books...) And check this out! A NYTimes article aggregator! I love this thing. I never close it! And for a hoot--check out friend Haynes' new venture (hint...he's an actor...). And for those of you frustrated with the economy--a little financial...can I call it levity? I don't think so...maybe 4-th Wall Realism is better. Here. And here.

Jennie the Potter has done it again--if you missed it on Knitty, get it here! I'll be reviewing these for Knitty shortly! Whoo hoo! And spinning is (once again) singing it's siren song to me. (Ask me how long I spindled last night). Brookmoore Creations Etsy store coming shortly.

My novel only has three chapters left--I'm so excited...except that they're the hardest chapters. ¿C'est la guerre, non?

The Scarlet Letter coming last week of March, so mark your calendars! If you have early chapters to record, send 'em on!

One of my former (read 9/11 evacuee knitting students) is now teaching herself and is trying to start a knitting group for the troubled children she's working with. She is not a registered 501(c)3 so there would be no tax write-off for helping, but of course, Karma's always good. Please contact me if you would like to send her knitting or crochet materials. ANY cast-offs are a boon. I recall that we received half-finished sweaters, ball-ends from projects, mismatched needles, and such. It's all helpful when working with kids.