Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Episode Sixty-seven: We Begin at the Beginning

Libsyn, my host site, has been down all day. AS SOON as I can upload the file, iTunes will have it. Until then, all I can do is offer you the GCast player in the upper right corner of this web page.
Apologies all around.

My Lords, if you would hear a high tale of love and of death, here is that of Tristan and Queen Isolde (Iseult), how to their full joy, but to their sorrow also, they loved each other and how at last they died of that love together upon one day, she by him, and he by her.
By Joseph Bedier
Translated by H. Belocq

Some art to inspire you...

And I think you'll want this information (click to expand it)...

Which I'm borrowing from this lovely site that you may want to visit. Not too shabby!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Episode Sixty-six: It Is a Far, Far Better Thing...

First, once again, HUGE thanks to Julie who allowed me a much needed period of rest last week before the madness began again this week. I hope y'all scoot over to listen to Forgotten Classics too! (That Heyer woman is a hoot!)

Things I rambled about: Kohlberg's Morality Stages (I mentioned this before, right? It's soooo kewl!), anaphora, Iago.

And next...Tristan and Isolde! The High Drama of Chivalric Romance Will Commence!

There's More!

Julie, our guest host, had this to say about 300:

Now, about 300. It is NOT like the Terminator movies. For one thing the photography is a thing of beauty even if you don't like the movie. For another, yes there is a lot of shouting and sword fighting but the emphasis is on love of a husband and wife for each other, for their family, their city, their country and their culture. Drawn in broad terms, granted, but we ARE talking about Spartans here. Not a lot of subtlety. As well as the comic book version. Also not known for subtlety.

However, when we began watching it, it was clear that this movie was being drawn in heroic, epic terms. That made me instantly think of how the Spartans themselves would have thought and told the story ... in fact, the story is being told by a Spartan. Watching the whole movie as being seen through their eyes made the movie entirely enjoyable for me, as well as those themes mentioned above.

Heavens, look at how much I wrote. Not that I'm passionately defending it or anything! :-D
I stand corrected...and definitely intrigued!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Episode Sixty-Five: Gauging the Results

I'm on Vacation, but here are links Julie mentioned for y'all:

Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
(yes, I said Barbara Walker and I was so very WRONG!)

Cables Untangled
(see the cover? THAT'S the afghan I'm knitting for Rose)

LOST Reading Project: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

Meanwhile, Back in the Kitchen

Forgotten Classics

And...for reasons I'm not aware of...iTunes and Windows Media Player hates our Audacity file. I'll fill you in on why I can't fix it pronto this Wednesday. However, the player on this site is working here if you can, and I'll fix the problem asap.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Episode Sixty-four: A Woman of Valor

Not to get all Biblical on you, but Becky and I were exchanging verses. Check out Psalms 90:17 and Proverbs 31:10+.

That's right! You go, Girl!

A little Joan

A little Whangdoodle

And the Girl from Auntie hypotenuse thingy.

And don't forget to download Episode 64a, which contains the third chapter for this 'cast--another one you would have killed me for not getting to. Never say I don't take your feelings to heart.