Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Episode Twenty-five: Yeah, But it's a Dry Heat, Right?

Yeah, But it's a Dry Heat, Right?

Don't try this at home--eye-scraping dry eye! EW! This week! Beauty and the Beast. No, not this one Or this one This one! (sort of...) By the woman with the long French name (that would be Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont). And, more on Bettleheim and Kohlberg...and a world lit only by fire. And, drum roll...the Faroese as it stands now... Soon, there will be an updated pic for that too. Thanks to Tina for reading this week and Joshua Christian who is my hero. The gorgeous Allison spindle from The Spindle Guy! spindle spindle And an UPDATE on our Craftlit Completions Gallery! Take a look at the GORGEOUS yarn Aimee in NJ has spun and dyed. These colors are amazing! And don't forget to visit beautiful Bisbeeland, Arizona! And an UPDATED update! (dateline--10/5/06). I finished the shawl. It was nothing but a pile of goo when I was done. Then I washed it and threaded my own do-it-yerself lace wire through it (18 guage picture wire) and WOW IS THAT SUCKER BIG!!! shawl It's taking up the entire length of a twin-size bed. I'd seen other evidence of this on blogs, but to see it live and in person—it's a thing of beauty and a joy forever (or as long as it lasts, I guess...). Now if I can just dye it... If I can get my 6-year-old to hold the camera still enough I'll get a pic of it on. And an UPDATED update of my update (dateline 10-9-06): Thank you Heidi! How wonderful to get such an unexpected goodie box! I'm actually ditching my work today to read Spinning Designer Yarns while listening to "76 Trombones". You have no idea how much I needed that lift today. Thank you! Book talk begins at 15.08. Listen to 25 audio.


  1. Hi, Heather. It's a great podcast this week and I thoroughly loved it.
    You know what I'd really like to see? A link to your Amazon wishlist. Donation buttons might be nice (and I am not opposed to them at all) but I do want see what might be on your reading list and to be able to gift you when the fancy strikes. What do you think?

  2. YOU are incredibly sweet! Your wish is...yada yada yada...
    ; )

  3. A terrific and surprising choice! Have you read the Beauty books by Robin McKinley? My favorite is the one she wrote long ago titled (aptly) Beauty. She wrote another version recently called Rose Daughter. I think you would find some of the shared elements that you noticed in the Disney story also.

    If you haven't come across McKinley before, do try The Blue Sword. I think it is sold as fiction for young adults but when my friends and I first came across it long, long ago we were out of college and embraced it as just plain wonderful fiction.

    I don't like everything she has written (esp. Deerskin and Spindle's End) but her books are well worth seeking out.

  4. You know what struck me for the very first time while I was listening to this story? The way she notices that the Beast had neither wit nor beauty, ("Is it his fault that he is so ugly, and has so little sense?") and that she isn't in love with him ("It is true, I do not feel the tenderness of affection for him, but I find I have the highest gratitude, esteem, and friendship; and I will not make him miserable; were I to be so ungrateful, I should never forgive myself." ), it really begins to sound like an instructive tale for women to accept their lot and be happy with their arranged marriages or something. The older sisters married the men they wanted, and were unhappy. Beauty does her duty, and ends up better off than either sister. Hmmph.

    BTW, I know you have a link to Librivox on your sidebar, but it might be nice if you mentioned them sometimes too. I listen to your podcast and the Librivox podcasts too, and enjoy them both.

    I don't have an Ipod. I use as my podcast collector. It works fine, and I haven't had any problems getting your podcasts. And I enjoy them very much!

  5. I am so glad you liked it; it was a pleasure to send you something yummy from such a great wishlist (Beatles? Showtunes? Spinning? I'm so incredibly there.)

    I was depressed for weeks when I finally realized at age 9 that I'd never grow up to be Robert Preston. Must have been the hair and that great voice.

  6. Janice--I'm with you...after I posted the 'cast I started to think...hmmmm...ew!
    I think we'll talk about that more this week.
    I'm really glad to head about the other Podcast aggregator. I'll put a link to it too.
    I had "Librivoxed" so much in the first couple of episodes I just dropped it after awhile, but you're right. I haven't mentioned them for awhile and they are WONDERful.
    Thanks so much!

    And Heidi,
    OMG--we're like Soul Sisters! I KNEW I couldn't be Shirley Jones, but Preston...THAT I could do. Then I saw Victor Victoria and thought...damn. Can't be him, can't marry him. And that was the end of musical theater.
    Thank you again, SO much!


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