Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Episode Thirty-eight: The Neverending Cable

First: Chapters 18-19-20!

Second: Stephanie Pearl McPhee's SOAR interview.
Whoo hoo!

And the rest: Sock Darning.
Nuff said.

And worth mentioning again--the best Toe-Up cast-on in the WORLD! in my deeply biased opinion...

Here's the article on the Ladies in Phoenix, knitting for the good of others...and themselves.

And, from Julie: The Sci Phi Show--another philosophy podcast. Predictably enough the podcaster uses science fiction to launch each subject discussion.

And Julie also wrote: since you've been into Weird Al Yankovich you might enjoy the novelty songs featured on the most recent Geek Survival Guide. The podcast is about 15 minutes long and the songs are fun.

And Debra's Tallit with accompanying planning information:

the bottom border was instinct with some Jewish numerology thrown in; the neckband was charted but also adapted the little "entry motif" before the zig-zag. I used a lot of combinations of 7 (Sam's birthday - 7/7/94, born at 10:10 a.m., and his bar mitzvah is 7/7/07 in the Western world) and C'hai - so there are 18 stitches in the zig-zag repeat, and I'll do 9 of them, which makes 18 of the triangles....

And where she got the Qiviut:
The yarn in the tallit is qiviut, which I found not in Alaska where I grew up, but online from Caryll's Designs.

And...the (unblocked) neverending cable. This is a side view of the (did I mention unblocked?) hood. The color actually came out pretty close to true on this one. Go figure!

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  1. You made me laugh this week- I suppose I hadn't thought about what afeat knitting, listening and working out simultaneously is!

    It truly is the best;)

    I'd love to post a picture for you- but alas- even I, am out of hands-& the camera just can't be worked in ones' mouth--- Although I DID try!


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