Thursday, March 08, 2007

Episode Forty-four: Return of Chip

O how many different ways can I bring you joy? Really, only one way:
To bring Chip (Mister Sleepy Hollow to you) back as a reader.
Today BOTH chapters are his.


Happily my husband's not even jealous...maybe because I've not told him.


Little else to show for myself this week, unless you want me to upload some of the curriculum I'm on deadline for?
I have no idea why!

Erqsome (who I think has the most kickin' email address I've seen) sent some great Dickensian links for us to enjoy.

A Finnish site.
A UCSC site.
An INCREDIBLE map page (must see!).
And the ToTC companion page to the map.

Things I had to cut:

Perhaps the coolest thing to come off of my SnB callendar EVER.

My son's gonna be on this! (but we have no idea when...)

And just 'cuz I'm feelin' it...I love these guys...


  1. Hi, Blossom! so your Mom starts crafting again! Bravo! And you should be excited.
    It's been a crap two weeks at work here as well, so maybe it's lunar. (I was unexpectedly rescued and delighted by the heroic chutzpah of an uppity elderly Phillipino Lady who is currently taking no baloney from anyone!)
    So thanks for the great and inspiring 'cast. You are just so marvelous and sometimes it just makes the workday endurable in a location where breaking into showtunes or other spontaneous oddness is not appreciated. - Madame Leiderhosen

  2. bunnysquirrel10:39 PM

    CraftLit is hands down my favorite podcast. I really love the background you provide and it's given me a whole new appreciation for classic literature (and that's saying something because i'm a huge bibliophile).

    Biennial means every 2 years. You can remember that centennial means every 100 years (cent=100, bi=2).
    Semiannual means every 6 months (semi=half, annual=year).
    Confusingly, biannual can mean either, according to the American Heritage Dictionary.

  3. So the scary thing is I've had peole try to teach me that before but never so clearly. I SO appreciate this!

    And, Hey, Madame L! Nice to see you again!
    ; )

  4. Hello - I just finished Pride & Prejudice (yes I'm way behind...) and went and looked at Librivox's completed works by solo readers - two things struck my fancy. Two stories by Katherine Mansfield - a writer I am not familiar with but have heard a lot about - and Night and Day by Virginia Woolf.
    No matter how many times I read P&P I am WAY sorry when it is done!


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