Friday, June 20, 2008

Episode Ninety-nine: Get Smart!

I get on a rather lame soapbox about Get Smart and comedy...which I'm pretty sure I disagree with myself on today; remind you to visit Becky's store; cheat off of Elizabeth's chem--I mean cooking--notes; update you on some beading competitions and venues; give a shout out to Stash Tea; ask for help on why the letter in the tower exists at all in TofTC; provide you with a link on Child Development via Susie The Slow Knitta; and generally wax rhapsodic on Rosie the Wonderdog and her Invincible Playmate Amber... and miss Don Adams.


  1. Thank you for the Get Smart clips! I fell in love with this show when I watched re-runs as a kid. Many of my friends had never heard of it, so I thought I was in on some great secret!

  2. I find it interesting how different readers present the voice of Hannah. It is surprising to me how many seem to veer off into don't-know-nothin-bout-birthin-babies territory although that was Georgia and this is the Boston suburbs. I didn't have much Hannah dialog in chapter 15 (p.s. I'm fiddletwist, not Adriana, I am not sure who she is...) but I made a conscious effort not to turn Hannah into a southern black slave. I may be making too much of this but it did concern me when reading, after listening to the chapters done before mine. Hannah was more likely to be a poor Irish immigrant I suppose if you get right down to it, given the time and place.


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