Thursday, July 10, 2008

Episode One Hundred-two: Mischief and Merrymaking

New shownotes and audio link here.

Lots-n-lots of links for you, plus chapter 21 and chapter 22 (ooooh, it rhymes!).

Many thanks to Erin of Faery Knitting Podcast for the reading! Woof!

First and foremost, go to the Bone Marrow site and go get registered
. Ask me for information if you'd like to send Robbie a card or check here for Robbie updates. As far as cooking goes, take a look at the comments from episode 101, then also look here: Lickity-Split Meals, Meals Made Easy, Nancy's husband's blog recipes, Food Network show and book, Piecework Pincushion Excellence in Needlearts Winners, and the Hurt Book Sale through July 18, 2008 (or as long as the books last).

Oh, and the Monsoon pic for you--see the edge of the storm? Yeah, we get that all the time.


  1. fightingback7812:58 PM

    WHOOOOO! Thats one crazy picture! I would be hiding under the blankies!

  2. Yeah that's a great picture. I also loved the way the reader did the French and the French accent. I can read French and would be interested in reading, but I don't have a mike and have never done anything like that, so I don't know. This is the first book of yours that I have listened to and I am enjoying it. If I get caught up with my other podcasts, I might go back and listen to ToTC. I read that so long ago, but was in Paris last fall, so it would be fun to reread it.


  3. Becky9:08 PM

    The readers for these two chapters were extraordinary! Nice job, readers!

    And the singing just...touched my heart. What a sweet voice. Like Beth's.

  4. Thank you for these beautiful readings from Little Women. I have a "shrine" to Alcott in my home library, including a first edition of this book, so these words are sacred to me. Erin is a FABULOUS reader. Last night I relistened to this last chapter and her singing brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Erin!

  5. My mind was a blank when thinking about teachers in literature. Then I was reading to my daughter and came up with a different angle on it. We are reading all the "kid-detective" literature right now - she isn't quite old enough yet to read them herself but she devours them as read-aloud material. Jigsaw Jones, Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, Cam Jansen. And all the teachers in these books are uncommonly intelligent and intuitive, they get what the kid detectives are trying to do and support them even when they are being a bit unorthodox. There is a model of teacher that is in common among these books and it is a very good one.
    (I loved Erin's singing and I wonder where she went and found music to go with the text....)

  6. Has anyone had any problems with itunes for this podcast? I only got 18 minutes of it downloaded, and I'm puzzled as to why.

  7. Sometimes iTunes freaks out. Happens to me too. Try to download it again and if it wiggs on you still, email me at the MamaOKnits address at Gmail and I'll see what I can do!

  8. I really enjoyed this picture,its nice.


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