Sunday, September 28, 2008

Episode One-hundred ten: Tender...bread

New shownotes and audio link here.

I return but take my own sweet time getting act and putting it together.

A spectacular Tutorial sent in by our Madame Leiderhosen. A lovely bread site by someone who appears to be a lovely man and fun correspondent, and a Cranberry Liqueur page as a preemptive holiday strike.

Happy New Year to those of the Tribe. May you have a sweet new year and easy fast.


  1. Listening to the podcast, and before I forget, if you want to enlarge the text on any website (mostly), and on more than one browser (definitely Firefox), you can press Ctrl-+ to increase the text size. (And Ctrl-- to decrease it again.)

  2. Hi Heather,
    Here's the answer to your question. It's in "bread" eh sound. There's a fascinating episode of an interview with the two guys who started Etsy. They were inbetween jobs in NY city. Yarncraft interviewed them and it's Episode 12. I went on their website and you can no longer download that episode but I have it if there's a way I can ftp it somewhere as it's 30 megs. It's really an amazing story you have to listen to. Cheers..Sonserae

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    LOL!!! I think the Ett-see is a little less confusing.

    Hugs & Prayers
    Lee Mitchell
    Serene Knitter on Ravelry


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