Friday, October 24, 2008

Episode One-hundred fourteen: The One That Will Make You Cry

New shownotes and audio link here.

The links for you: Our October Incentive book; links to more painting; link to the Mason-Dixon book; link to fabu Artisan bread—thank you Dawn—book (and the video you should watch first); links to More With Less (the Mennonite book), Nigella Express, How to Cook Without a Book, Fannie Farmer, Saving Dinner (low-carb, vegetarian, basics), Tightwad Gazette; and a buy local support page.

The Chapter That Will Make You Cry (40) begins at 19 minutes and 57 seconds, The One That Wont Make You Cry (41) starts up at 34 minutes and 8 you can kick back in safely.

I don't think we'll have this trouble with Dr. Jeckyl.

And a new venture with some Bloggers and 'Casters you might know...

UPDATE: O MAH GAW! I knew it would happen sometime! I listen to these chapters so much I pulled two out of order. I'll upload a 113a for you pronto with chapters 38–39! EEK!


  1. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Hi Heather

    Did you miss uploading an episode, because 113 has chapter 37, and 114 has chapters 40 and 41? They're both great episodes, but over on the Ravelry group we're worrying about what we might have missed.


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  3. Wow. What a crazy blast from the past. My college boyfriend had that Mennonite cookbook, a gift from his mom. The spicy split pea soup and the honey whole wheat bread are recipes I still make today.

  4. I have a couple of small sites on I know the Yarn Harlot's site didn't work out so well on them, but depending on how many subscribers you have and whether you would be hosting the actual episodes ON the hosting plan, I think it wouldn't be a bad option. If the eps live on libsyn, it wouldn't be a bad option. There are a lot of one click installs, including WP, and you get quite a lot of room/bandwidth to begin. I think I have a code to basically waive setup fees if you haven't already finished your exploration on this particular topic. :) Let me know if you need more info via ravelry PM (moiraeknittoo).


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