Saturday, November 08, 2008

Episode One-hundred fifteen: Who Knew?!

New shownotes and audio here.

A great article on the REAL author of Frankenstein (it's what you'd hoped--better than...), some kewl artsy things to do with small boxes, and yes, I call it episode 116. It's not.

And Who Knew?!
Who knew we'd have a run to the emergency room on Halloween night, an election that took up WAY more time than we thought, a novel that is actually progressing, various illnesses (hello Coxsackie!) and, you know, the rest of the life stuff.

Enjoy chapters 42 and 43!


  1. Awesome! Actually, uh, quilting's already a hobby of mine, and I was LONGING for the book, so this is insanely cool.

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Great reader for Chapter 43 - you've done many great ones for us. You should be reading for Librivox if you're not already!



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