Saturday, January 31, 2009

Episode One-hundred twenty: Sorry I was HYDEing

So, today chapters 4–7 of Jekyll and Hyde, and a bunch of links for you: Meg's Victorian site, new Incentive site (Thank you, Debbi), Authonomy is questionable site (and another explanatory), the Knit Kit, Paperworks, cool Victorian movie (Yay Johnny Depp), Knitting Daily Free Sock e-Book, Yay Neil Gaiman, Little Women spinning project, and I think that's it!


  1. ilaine5:46 AM

    The 'is authonomy questionable' link is already broken, looks like the page was removed. Google cache is your friend.

  2. Bonnee7:35 AM

    Argh! iTunes doesn't like the file. The download stopped partway through... /sigh/

  3. I'm loving Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and I can't wait for The Scarlet Letter. These sort of heavily atmospheric books work really well as accompaniments to crafty activities! Thanks for producing such a great podcast x

  4. annmarie6:28 PM

    Er, not to poke holes, but the link to the Johnny Depp Victorian film sent me to a Johnny Depp Restoration film. Well, 17th century anyway.

    Glad to see the new episode is back- I've really been enjoying it. And your wonderful commentary.

  5. Heather,
    Don't be discouraged!! We love your podcasts and your chatting before, during and after the reading of the chapters. If I want to just listen to a book, I could do that but I LOVE your chat about knitting, crafting, your family and health. I also love, love, love your insight into the literature. So, keep doing what you are doing and do the podcast wherever you darned feel like it. You have fans out there and we look forward to your podcasts every week. (I read the nasty review on iTunes. That "KnittingListener" should just go away!) Cheers to you and God Bless!

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  7. I echo Sonserae's comment. I was distressed to hear about the nasty review. I do think it's ridiculous given that you are providing a FREE service. For the record, I really, really, super-love your podcast. I belong to audible and listen to many books. I come to your podcast to hear about your life, craftiness, and your take on the books. It's terrific for someone like me who has trouble "getting" literature. I wish you had been my teacher in high school! I was not great at English, and was so bad at art & textiles that my parents were called in to convince me to take more science instead. All is not lost, I am now a social scientist by day, and a crafter/literature appreciator by night ;-)

    Anyway, I hope you continue for as long as it is enjoyable for you.

    Thank you too, you left a comment on my blog, and it was TERRIBLY exciting.

  8. I just want to thank you for all the TIME, and energy, thought,knowledge, etc. you give us through your podcast. Your voice is soothing and your words as those of a dear friend. I am one of the SAHMs who gleans a bit of 'continuing education' time from listening. You're a sanity-saver and companion when I need to hear a non-kid voice. Thank you.

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  10. I just wanted to leave a quick note saying I listen to your podcast religiously. I started back with Frankenstein and have really enjoyed.

    Also, I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan myself and wanted to point out that there is video of him reading the Graveyard Book for FREE at I was at the last stop, Saint Paul! Anyway, in case you didn't make it to your library or the audio was already checked out....

  11. AH!! read my mind!! Thanks for posting it. Now I don't have to..... LOL
    I love that little site... and Mr. Gaiman......of course!

  12. Heather, I can't believe anyone would leave a nasty comment when you take the time to do this podcast. Why would someone listen and then be negative about it? Oh well, they deserve to be ignored.

    I love your comments on life and on the books. I could listen, as someone above said to just the book if that's all I wanted.

    I am still working on Tale of Two Cities, but have still not been able to get episodes 63-65. It is so helpful to have your analysis to go along with that book.

    I look forward to the next one.

    Thanks so much,


  13. Bonjour Heather! :)

    In your comments you refer to some critics which I did not read and that i would probably disagree with (sorry for the Fren-glish twists). One thing I know: since I discovered Craftlit (summer 2008) is part of my life, especially, when I do the dishes, shovel the snow or take a walk alone with myself.

    I love listening to you and your podcast, and hear you great us with your familiar and high pitched "welllll, hellooooo!"! :) Keep them all: they are your trademark because, most of all, they are YOU!

    Thanks for keeping us company with those free read e-books and thanks for continuing this great job despite these hard times. We are getting educated in literature!

    Take care!


    manon, Qc Canada

  14. I really enjoy this podcast. I found you about halfway through Little Women, and I have to tell you that I learned so much listening to it with your commentary--more than I had ever learned during the at least five times (or more? I've lost count) I read that book in my teens and 20s. I am truly enjoying Jekyll and Hyde, as well, and my son is listening in also and liking it. So MANY THANKS for doing this for us!

    We also love Neil Gaiman here; we recently finished listeining to The Graveyard Book from Audible and loved it. I love his voice. He could read the disctionary and I think I would like it. Fortunately, though, there are many other more interesting offerings that he has read, including most of the books he has written, I think. Happy listening!


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