Friday, April 10, 2009

Episode One hundred twenty-eight: She Will Not Speak!

I bait the "come-and-see-me" hook with three venues: Maryland Sheep and Wool, Sock Summit, and SFO.

Come by JennieThePotter's stall at MSW if you want to be recorded for a 'Cast! Or, you know, just say hi!

Don't forget about the Challenge!

New Website coming!

Life is good and we're on Chapter 3 of The Scarlet Letter.
I love this chapter...

Challenge Refresher:
We have dyed up a brand new colorway for our very special 70/30 wool/silk blend in a very special CraftLit colorway...a very rich, earthy, semisolid scarlet. Just what every self-righteous Puritan would choose to brand one who strays. We have of course named it The Scarlet Letter.

Such a yarn of course demands a fantastic design. That's where we're hoping CraftLit's endlessly talented and creative listeners can help us. We'd like to challenge you to design something for the yarn inspired by the novel, the times, the characters. We'll have a fantastic panel of celebrity judges pick the winner, who will receive the project's worth of yarn.

The details:

1) All entries should be designed with The Scarlet Letter yarn in mind.
Yarn specs:435 yards per cake. 70/30 merino wool/silk. True fingering weight: 4 ply with 14 wpi.
2) Knitting, crochet, weaving, tatting, macramé, nalbinding...if you can do it with yarn it's fair game.
3) Entries must be in before the last chapter is posted to the CraftLit feed.
4) All designs must somehow incorporate "the letter" or an interpretation thereof.
5) To be eligible for the prize, the winning designer must agree to have their pattern available for free via the CraftLit website for 3 months after the conclusion of the contest. After that time all rights are retained in full by the designer and the free feed will be removed, pronto.
6) Entries should at a minimum include pictures of the final product and the complete pattern. Everything else we leave up to you. Let your imaginations run wild!

And to sweeten the pot, The March Hare will donate 10% of the proceeds from the sales of The Scarlet Letter yarn to CraftLit for the duration of the contest. (Including the 3 month free pattern period for those inspired by the winning project...)

So there you be CraftLit faithful. Go forth and create!

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  1. Wow! You're going to be here??? Yay! I will make sure to meet you. My daughter has swimming in the late morning Saturday but we will be there from about noon until we give up.

    My word verification string today is 'untsingi'. Sounds like a German word meaning "to undertake to sing in Swahili". I love looking at those random strings to see if they sound like anything!

    CarolineF aka fiddletwist

  2. I have just discovered your podcast - and I am smitten! I like to read, but with courses in the evenings for the last 2 years, reading for pleasure has been impossible. I am on a 2 month break (for the mind and body) and have thrown myself full throttle, into my hobbies. Stumbling across your podcast on iTunes means I can enjoy a good book AND knit, spin, sew, play with the dog or...dare I say it... get through my work day! Thank you!


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