Friday, May 08, 2009

Episode One hundred thirty-one: Pearls Before Swine...Flu?

Not much for you this episode. Maryland Sheep and Wool was great. Jennie the Potter and Dawn and Amy were spectacular (a year since the cruise! Who knew?!).

And now I'm heading out to NYC. Ping me if you are there and want to hook up.

Whoo hoo!

Next week will likely NOT have a 'cast, but the week after, you know it!

And don't forget the challenge! Lots of Scarlet Letter yarn went at MSW. It really is a great scarlet color--and a wool silk blend.



Perhaps we need a Scarlet Letter T-shirt...


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Looking forward to Scarlet Letter! Was able to download episodes 124, 127, 128 and 129....but not 125 or 126. Tried several times. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Thanks, Heather,

    Gina C.

  2. LOVE the scarlet yarn, Heather! Am hoping to be at MD Sheep & Wool next year.


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