Saturday, June 13, 2009

Episode One hundred thirty-four: Free to Be Crafty

New shownotes and audio link here.

A couple of links and a few pics and chapter 10! Whoo hoo!

The LocalGringos Etsy shop, The Cloth/Paper/Scissors that I now love,

Some work on my end.
My version of crafty-ness:

And Critter Stuffies (both from Cloth Paper Scissors):

Sister's Wedding Shawl:

Sister's Wedding Shawl

My Neverending Amy Plug-n-Play Shawl:
Neverending Shawl

And once I started digging on the site, lookee what I found from forever ago!View voice-mail-mar-29-06-21-pm...And yes...there is Twain in our future. I can feel it...

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  1. i love these kinds of crafts . They're really nice to look at.


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