Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Join Us at Our New Home!

We have a domain!

Join us at! Here's the feed, too.

Or you can always head over to the Libsyn mirror site.

All new episodes are being hosted over at the new site though I've been able to add a player below for our most recent episode. See you there!

(p.s., clicking on the title of this post will just bring you back here. This link will take you to the new domain.)


  1. Recently I've been having problems with the iTunes feed that used to work... I see here that there's a link to the new home, but that's giving me a 500 Internal Server Error... help! Pleeeeeease!

  2. HEATHER!!!! Yay! I refound you. I thought I had lost you.

    However, now I have to wait for my iPod to get fixed. . .

    Lani in Central Oregon

  3. Loving flatland - thank your father for us.

    But, I just tripped over something to make a ya'll laugh. I'm listening to "Documentaries" by BBC. In the episode from 10/12/2009 "M16 - A century in the shadows" they talk about German spies for Britian. Apparently, they hired Belgique ladies to sit by their windows and knit while they watched troop trains. "They'd do their knitting. Drop one for a troop train, purl one for an artillery train, and so on."

  4. Anonymous5:06 AM

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  5. I refound you. I thought I had lost you.

  6. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Hi Heather, just wanted to drop by and say how much I’m enjoying listening to Pride & Prejudice. I’m inspired by your crafty talk as well as the literature. Looking forward to listening to the Turn of the Screw! Woot.

  7. Heather - I love your podcast so much! It is a calming and intellectually stimulating part of my week. I even love all the updating before the story begins, which I usually don't. Thanks for making literature available to us in such a crafty way.


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