Saturday, November 04, 2006

Episode Twenty-nine: SOARing Through California

Some good blogs to check out (from SOAR attendees: Rachael Herron, Janine Bajus, and Brooke Sinnes, oh, and Stephanie...I think you know her); a really cool listener's site (Spinneret) regarding My Friend Irving; some pics (scroll down) and some detritus that I need to get out to you (below).

A good Challah recipe. Heal the world through cooling!
and a nice Jewish crafting guild (just in cast you thought they didn't exist!)...

The Red Thread Project! How cool is this!

And some stuff I found but didn't have time to talk about b/c I blathered too much: The sounds of (good) music can be found at NPR

In need of Knickers?
Check this out?

Hook up with next year's mystery stole (number three).

Awesome matress stitch (plus!) tutorial. Which I needed.

You can see the photo album of SOAR pics here.


  1. I really enjoyed hearing about your experience at SOAR and about the Red Thread. You might also like to take look at The Thread Project, which is project where threads were gathered from people from all over the world, tied togther to create the weft to become cloth that is a visual representation of our world community . You can find more info at

    I am proud to say that I was one of the weavers for The Thread Project.


  2. Thanks, Heather for the recap of SOAR. I enjoyed hearing about it and your podcast inspired me to go spin some more. I also enjoyed hearing about your explanation of the mystics and their philosophies and how it relates to crafters. do think that making something with ones hands brings about a heightened awareness of stuff and the creation of stuff. Good luck with your son and school. We have had some similar issues with our son and a traditional school. I hope you find something that is the best fit for your boys.

  3. Lauren and Bodhi7:42 PM

    It was lovely to meet you at SOAR! I look forward to listening to the podcast this week.



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