Saturday, November 04, 2006

Technical Difficulties

While the podcast is ready to go, the internet connection here isn't. I'm uploading about 4 KB a minute. It's going to take 181 minutes to upload the 'cast--if the computer doesn't stall again.




  1. Heather, what are you doing up at 02:44 am? How are you going to have enough enery for a am class? Hope you are enjoying SOAR, I'm sorry we are not still there.

  2. low speed internet sucks... but you rock!!! hope you're having a great time at SOAR :)

  3. Blossom! Your dedication to entertaining us on a weekly basis has been noted, but I am not sure we are worthy of the wee hours of the morning and the tedious rate of upload. I hope you having a fabulous time and can't wait to hear about your retreat. Cheers, Darling.


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