Thursday, December 28, 2006

Episode Thirty-five: Ennui and Normandy

Well, we're having the first winter storm of the season. The mountains are capped with snow, the sky is grey, it's 39° (I hear you..."Hey! It's the DESERT! What's with the snow and temperature?!"), and the day is bleeding ennui.

Not least because my husband is here and I'm here (though it's much greyer today).

But Ennui and Turn of the Screw go well together so no complaints...much.

Today, chapters 10-11. You won't BELIEVE what happens today! Ai yi yi!

Charity knitting! Fixes to the Blogspot site! Felted Doggy Toys! More funny things! Holiday presents of fibery knitty things! (Does he love me or is he just feeling guilty for spending New Year's in Paris with his Brother and Dad?)

Was Santa good to you!?

Many thanks to Nikolle Doolin for her SEXY reading of Henry James' Turn of the Screw.

My RSS feed is down. The file is there, but I can't update the feed. You can listen through the little G-Cast player on the Blogspot site or download the episode directly from the Library (down to the right on this page--see, I told you there were improvements!). I'll fix the feed to iTunes as soon as they let me.


  1. hee! how odd to read about snow in tuscon while we're having the 5th warmest december ever here in saint paul. i have some major snow envy.

    wanted to chip in that the itunes thing might be because their site has been having major trouble with the new traffic after the holidays. i guess so many new users tried to set up accounts the day after christmas everything went hooey.

    patience is a virtue, no?

  2. ashley11:21 AM

    Oh... I'm so glad that you posted that it was down.

    I've been trying so hard to get it, but when I looked at the library it wasn't there last night.

    Can't wait to listen to it!

  3. Hi,
    I've really been enjoying your show.
    I'm so glad I read Sleepy Hollow before watching the movie. Talk about loosely based on the book.
    As for dry skin... I get eczema on my hands. Sometimes the best thing is to actually just rub olive oil into my hands. I'm actually interested in earing to spin in the grease because I suspect it may really help my hands.
    I haven't listened to your latest show as yet however I had to smile wryly as I broke a toe yesterday


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