Saturday, December 09, 2006

Where'd She Go???

Shortly I'll be uploading pix of the boxes that I'm buried under. I just dug the computer out of the melee. Forgive me, but I'm not at all sure when the next 'Cast is going to get up. It may have to wait until next Thursday. We didn't get possession of the house until 48 hours after we were supposed to have keys, so...painting the entire house had to be completed in about two days.

There were two of us.

I'm sleepy.

And I don't know where the mic is.

Soon, though. As soon as possible...

Thank you for your forbearance. Until then, dream of odd governesses and corrupted youth.



  1. Don't rush -- we'll wait! And congrats on the new digs! May you have many happy experiences there!

  2. Crongratulations on the new house! I hope the boys are getting adjusted and that you guys are settling down. May you and your family fill the house with thousands of happy memories.

  3. Darling, Blossom:
    So you (and the tribe) got the house?! Oh, that's just marvelous. Best, best, best!
    - Mdme. L.

  4. Oh fun! New House FUN! OK, so the unpacking really isn't so much to look forward to, and the painting on a deadline, and the little things you don't notice until it's yours that will drive you nuts forever and ever...OK, I'll just stop now.

    Remember, if there are boxes you just stash in the basement without opening that were stashed in the last basement or attic or crawlspace or back room closet...don't look just toss, you'll never miss it.

    Have FUN, and a beer...


  5. Hey, Bunny: Why don't you go wishlist yourself a microphone?

  6. Done!
    I always forget the fact of the wishlist--and there Amazon's been so generous at to give me the bandwidth to broadcast my wishes to the world and I ignore them.
    I'm so cruel.
    ; )


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