Thursday, February 01, 2007

Episode Forty: Meet Calamity...Doris?

Having finished with Henry James, I thought we needed a REAL woman to freshen our pallette...Calamity Jane.

Not so much Doris.

Don't know if you've watched Deadwood (NOT for sensitive ears!), but it at least started out close to accurate as far as I can tell. My son and I got to see Wild Bill and Jane's graves

when we drove through there in early August. We ate where Bill was killed by Jack McCall--which sounds more morbid than it is...he was killed in the poker room of a saloon. They stage reenactments of his murder every night, I think.

Jane was quite something.


And here in the "costume" of her sex.

I'm sorry it's a guy reading the autobiography, but it's still amazing to hear her own words. She was one tough cookie. And while she has the reputation for being, um...not the most attractive woman of her time, I think she was actually a rather handsome woman--far less...weathered than I would have imagined for one of Custer's scouts.

And then a little Bret Harte

For some more local color and American Realism. Let's bring ourselves back from the mannered Victorian brink into a little good old American...Puritanism? Victorianism?
When everyone knew their place...

And then some really cool links sent by really cool listeners like Spider_Knit who sent me the Library Thing and Dawn who sent the Purlescence Storytellers Challenge and PeaceFleece! Whoo hoo!

NOTICE: Calamity PODCAST! Don't know what happened, but I'm re-recording part of the cast and uploading, 1:13pm AZ Time, 2/2/07 (Happy Groundhogs!).


  1. We *love* Deadwood, but you're right, it's not for the easily offended. Calamity Jane is a favorite character, and it'll be fun to hear her story.

    (I have to confess to dropping out of listening to The Turn of the Screw because I didn't like the narrator's delivery. Sorry.)

  2. I downloaded this episode at iTunes and the short story does not play (and there is a minute or more pause when you talk about TotS). Should I just try again or does it need to be fixed/reuploaded?
    Thanks for this podcast - I've really been enjoying it.

  3. Janice--no apologies necessary. Nikolle wasn't for everyone...and I had a hard time with the misplaced pauses myself.
    Amy--I'm checking the feed right now. We'll see whatsup.

  4. Whew- glad you;re re-recording--- had to listen to something rather mundane on the bike today;)

  5. O Man, Tracey--you know how to make my day! I've done the 'cast listening on the bike, but haven't gotten the guts up to knit while listening at the gym. Guess I should "exercise my fingers" and not worry about it!
    You're my inspriation!

  6. Yay! I'm knitting my PeaceFleece Everyday Cardigan while catching up on back episodes of CraftLit.

  7. Heather,

    I don't remember for sure if this is the episode where you commented that some people were giving you feedback about the amount of "craft" vs. "lit" in your podcast. I think the balance is just fine. We crafters can get craft stuff anywhere, but getting lit for our crafting is pretty scarce, and you're doing a great job providing that. Thanks for all the work you do in putting this podcast together.


    Becky in Canal Winchester


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