Thursday, February 08, 2007

Episode Forty-one: A Regional Twain


"oooooooh beautiful, for spacious skies..."

(I can't think of that without hearing Fozzy Bear say "patriotism swells in the heart of the American Bear!" as he does after singing that song on The Muppet Movie soundtrack.)

Twain --boy do I love him--who is an appropriate precursor to our next novellist (I think).

Teresa in Scotland (Go Clan MacPhearson!) wanted me to pass on these links to you:
first, two mosquito attacking SAFE products. She recommends a leave-on product rather than a soap or shampoo...especially for people like me who are Mosquito Magnets.

And second, a new soysilk site. Mmmmmmm...extruded protein! Love it!


  1. Your Twain-iness is timely. Once again parents here are trying ban Huck Finn from the mandatory reading list at a local high school. Having to discuss it makes their kids uncomfortable. And we can't have that. Seriously. The don't even get that THAT'S THE POINT! Wouldn't want to learn something from our collective past now would we? In my opinion it should be mandatory reading for every one every 5 years. Nothing like recognizing the ugly in the past to reveal the ugly in the present.

    Delving into his other works always makes me think that if only more people "got" Twain, we'd never have to go there again.

    But then again, that's most of the problem with most things isn't it? Pop culture (ok, read that as TV) has made us a very literal, face-value society. The subtleties are lost for the most part.

    Really enjoyed regional foray #1. Thanks.

  2. I love how your site is set up for receiving podcasts. Gcast I can at least get at work!

  3. You mentioned in your podcast that you couldn't get the DVD version of LHW's Little House mini-series? It's out on DVD" now.


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