Thursday, April 26, 2007

Episode Fifty-one: Happy (fill-in-the-blank) To Me!

Hey, do me a favor, wouldja? Click on that Popcurrent thingy in the right margin (here if you're looking at Libsyn).

And take a look at this very useful sock page (I I obsessed?).

I'm freaking people out with my Hufflepuff Sock (What is that...a BADGER?!). Spinning a buncha llama, in public no less. Trying not to lose my mind when I go for a week at a time without talking to another adult. And being very sad over losing Vera.

Take a look here for help on French Titles. And enjoy Book 2, Chapter IX, The Gorgon's Head.

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  1. Nina in New York11:12 AM

    Okay, I can definitely sympathize with the not-getting-numb thing and yes, red hair runs in the family. How strange!


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