Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Episode Forty-eight: As God Is My Witness, On You it Looks Good!

We have a SHIRT!

Take pics of yo' bad self in a shirt and send the pics to me! I'll post them on the blog...just don't expect one of me on that new glass walk-way over the Grand Canyon !

And, please visit to support Katie who has "shirted" us.

And Carrie left this note:

More random information for you - the Bedlam mental hospital in London still exists - it is now a building called Salisbury House off London Wall and Finsbury Circus in central London and houses several law firms' offices among other things including the London office of the company I work for! (you might say not much change there then!). Although the office parts have been altered and updated the stairwells are still much as I imagine they always have been complete with tiled walls and it is a very strange mixture of a building to walk around in.

My First Sock-Swap (or, Just Call Me Sucker).

And who wouldn't want a Ron Weasley Cell Phone Cover?

And, FUN!

"With over a million hits to in its first few months, we knew this program was going to be something special," Patty Parrish, Executive Director of TNNA, explains. "Stitch N' Pitch is sweeping the Nation. The response from baseball Clubs, the needlearts industry and fans is overwhelming. Stitch N' Pitch creates a unique and fun environment for families, singles, couples, old, young, kids, women and yes, even men!"

Watch carefully and you might "catch" a knitting contest, team mascots wearing handmade colorful scarves, images of men knitting, counted cross-stitch frames, teaching tables full of children learning how to needlepoint, a Ceremonial 1st Pitch with a ball of yarn and so much more!! Special Stitch N' Pitch gift bags, giveaways and surprises will round out each fantastic event. Local needlearts retailers, wholesalers, guilds and groups will come by car, bus and train to be a part of this new American phenomenon - Stitch N' Pitch!

Enter Creative & Fun Contest - Just for the Fans!!
CRAFT Magazine's Stitch N' Pitch Contest! The contest is open to everyone to enter in their own baseball theme craft in the categories of knitting, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, and embroidery. The contest kicks-off on April 4th with the deadline for submissions on May 31st.

And, as a way to date myself, you really should take a look at The Battle of the Bands (some graphic images, not for kids).


  1. Not only have I gotten over my Dickens fear, but I bought Our Mutual Friend by him.
    Thank you, I've been missing out for years.

  2. I love you! Thank you so much for making this podcast; it's AMAZING! I just stumbled on it because a blogger ( mentioned it in one of her posts...and how lucky for me that you were listening this week to one of my most, most favorite chapters of TOTC, which I read so many times in high school. Thank you again! You have a wonderful voice, as well.

  3. Right back atcha, kiddo!
    I just read's commentary. COOL! I'm stoked that someone who read the book in HS (and liked it!) is listening!
    Whoo hoo!
    We win!

  4. Hello,

    Just wanted to let you know - I'm interested in those links and/or items that are craft related to D& D. I was laughing with you when you were talking about what kind of Harry Potter geek you are, and I am too. I'd love to see what you have access to.

    Also, Luna is in Ravenclaw. She's lovely and eccentric and perfectly self-assured.

  5. Is the shirt gone? I went to cafe press looking for it and couldn't find it, so I came back to find the link here and it doesn't look like it is available anymore.

  6. Oh, I totally missed Yarn Love at The Loopy Ewe sneak. I so wanted some, but I just received a lovely package from one of my swap partners and she sent me Yarn Love. Squee! Great to see all the indie yarn folks selling out so fast.

  7. Heather, I know I'm WAY late on commenting on this, but re your discussion of Brecht, there was a study that came out recently that showed that people actually enjoy books more when they know what's going to happen. They postulate that this is because people can focus on details, emotions, etc. more if they don't have to worry about what's going to happen next. Just more confirmation of what you were saying! Keep up the good work. :)


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