Thursday, May 24, 2007

Episode Fifty-five: Still Knitting...

And, um...weaving too.

Like I needed another pastime...

Begging for a knitted farm.
And did I tell you about this fantastic book?!

And, finally, I have to share my Sock Yarn Love from Katie's store (this is Desert Olive and Sincerity in the Juliet yarn, 75% superwash and 25% nylon...and it's so soft you'll wonder where they hid the nylon...). Yay Katie!

And a belated thank you to Rachael who dyed some sock yarn for me--gorgeous Kool Aid colors! MORE SOCKS! Whoo hoo! (And Rachael, if your DH convinces you to come to AZ--and you's a dry heat--be sure to let me know when and where!)

And the essay I refer to in the 'Cast.

Don't forget. If you want a copy of When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters you have to send me your most outrageous knitting horror story. My sister and husband--impartial to the intricacies of knitting and your names, but very good writers--will pick the three best for me to read on the next episode, and those three lucky folks will receive their own copy. Gratis! (You can thank the publishing company.)


  1. Darling, Blossom:
    Thank you for this week's podcast. Marvelously distracting and exactly what I needed. Go weave us something else pretty to look at!
    Cheers and affection. - The Madame L.

  2. Oooh, can't wait to listen to the new episode after reading this post. How the heck did I miss this last week or earlier this week?
    Love the book title.
    Hum, don't have a knitting horror story. I frog.

  3. just getting caught up again. no knitting horror story, but I think the women must be knitting lace shawls! eminently useless, and easy to knit people into them --- family crests in lace perhaps?

  4. Giggle and to think my copy of A Knitted Farm was only 10 cents at a used book store a few years back...


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