Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Episode Fifty-two AND Fifty-three—Double Your Fun!

NOTE: Glitches on 52 and 53 have been fixed--re-download Episode Fifty-two and Episode Fifty-three and all will be well. (And Verizon really does suck, but they didn't make the glitch.)

Show notes for 52 and 53 are jumbled in here.
Sorry 'bout that...

I'll tell you what!
Check this out--thank you Jenna!

Don't forget to visit ShopYarnLove! New yarns coming soon! Nummy! And grab a t-shirt while you're at it!

Updates on Turning Forty (yeah, it's in caps) and how much I miss The Met.

On Sale!
My wonderful Daddy!

Hope you caught the interview with Adina Klein from Knit1 we got in on the get-out-the-word event for their new "Green" issue (seriously, NAYY, you should pick this one up--even if you don't knit). Can I tell you how excited (read: terrified) I was?

A badger for a Swap Buddy and more on that on my regular blog.

My Goofy (see the fifth comment) Sister. (And Cool Rosslyn Church Info and video!)

When Knitters Come Unhinged. (Dark Lord? Cute?)

Anything in your life feel like a circle of hell? Take a look at The Onion. I loved this and found it again recently when emailing with a listener. Clevah!

For you Golden Compass Fans—My Dæmon (and my fear of "children in peril):

I think you can click there or here and either agree or disagree with it's shape--then watch it transform.

A cool French Revolution short story! Thanks G-Nina!

And, never least!
An Episode Fifty-two link to Becky's work at Librivox. Without here, I kid you not, you'd all be sitting there this week saying, "HUH?! WHA???". Bless you Becky, for saving our ears! I'll play you out with her rendition of "The Tuft of Flowers" by Robert Frost. Her fave.


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I'm glad you liked it, Heather! Now that I've had my daemon chosen, I'm off to listen to the podcasts! Hooray!


  2. I'm glad you had a good time in New York for your birthday. The surprise party sounds like it was a lot of fun.
    Is it just me or is the sound for chapter 13 just not there? I have the entire epsiode, but no audio.

  3. Herm. I'm off to listen and see if I can fix it.
    ; (

  4. Uploading the new file RIGHT NOW!
    ; )
    Thanks again!

  5. I'm downloading the episode again. I can't wait to hear chapter 13.

  6. Heather, I have no idea whether you read VERY OLD comments, but I am late to this party and have been listening from the start. Just found the archives today and will probably comment more often, because I so want to talk to you!

    Some things from off the top of my head:
    Chip is indeed awesome, but as a former hospital social worker, I can't help but hear the COPD wheeze behind that cigarette-induced gravel voice. He is likely paying dearly for that voice that we love.

    Couldn't get through Turn of the Screw. But just when I decided to quit and just listen to the podcast part, you got that comment from the listening saying you were being hard on the nanny. I was feeling that way too. May go back and listen on Librivox--loved the reader! And James is no small thing to read--those sentences! Oy!

    Love, love, loved the short stories! Don't listen to the people who didn't like them. The Sarah Orne Jewett was a jewel. Awesome!

    And finally, WWMDfK. Love it. Love this book. I actually remember liking it in high school. But re-reading is totally a pleasure. I'm on tenderhooks at the end of every episode.

    Enough for now, I'll keep reading and comment some more.


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