Thursday, July 19, 2007

Episode Sixty-two: In The Clutch

Here's the car with a clutch.

Here's the car without.


And here's Frank's Diner. And the Aurora Forum (search for "Jefferson") thingy.

And today!?

Sorry about the stereo kicking in and out. I have NO idea what's going on...but I'm working on it.


  1. I actually was yelling and cussing out Dr. Lydgate wife in George Elliot's Middlemarch. I had absolutely no use for that woman.

  2. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I just got to this episode, and found your comment on how much you liked the Evening with Thomas Jefferson at the Aurora Forum. If you liked that you will like a podcast called The Thomas Jefferson Hour. The humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson discusses some topic each week as Thomas Jefferson for half an hour and then for half an hour as himself.


and then you said...