Saturday, September 01, 2007

Episode Sixty-eight: Okay, So...What's a Morholt?

Fun music for you (lyrics too!), a crafty article for you that you simply won't believe! (Thank you to Winglake.)

The next two Tristan stories (we're getting to the lovey-dovey stuff...don't worry!) for today, "The Morholt" and "The Quest for the Lady with the Hair of Gold".

And, a new T-Shirt?

I Want Me Some Medieval Hottie!


  1. I don't know what morholt means but I can tell you that 'mor' is the Irish adjective for large or great. There must be some old or middle Irish word that 'holt' has to do with.

  2. There's a good wikipedia article on Morholt. Apparently it is a name, not a title, and eventually, he got adopted into the Arthurian stories.


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