Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Episode Sixty-seven: We Begin at the Beginning

Libsyn, my host site, has been down all day. AS SOON as I can upload the file, iTunes will have it. Until then, all I can do is offer you the GCast player in the upper right corner of this web page.
Apologies all around.

My Lords, if you would hear a high tale of love and of death, here is that of Tristan and Queen Isolde (Iseult), how to their full joy, but to their sorrow also, they loved each other and how at last they died of that love together upon one day, she by him, and he by her.
By Joseph Bedier
Translated by H. Belocq

Some art to inspire you...

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Which I'm borrowing from this lovely site that you may want to visit. Not too shabby!


  1. Heather, episode twenty has disappeared! Or rather shrunk to just over two minutes...I NEED the end of Pride and Prejudice...please fix it!
    Thank you!

  2. H. Belloc is almost certainly Hillaire Belloc, famous for "Lines to a Don" (here), which is totally hilarious and absolutely in line with what we're hearing.


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