Saturday, October 13, 2007

Episode 74: SOARing in Michigan

I tried my best to eliminate the background noise in the interviews you'll hear. I found it easier to hear on headphones on my machine.
I hope it works for you too.

What you'll hear about: My Bag!

DeeDee's Racoon

Leslie and her fiber!Janel Laidman's Class (Chameleon Color Works!)

Jennie of the Lace and Upcoming Book

And our very own Laura with her hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn:

Enchanting Juno, FiberGal, Amy at and the very first pattern I ever saw on her site (love--LOVE I tell you!).

Lyrics to Meg's song "The Spinning Wheel" here, though the recordings I found were pale in comparison to her voice...

And don't forget to pick up a NEW Haute Men of CraftLit T-shirt...I already have!


  1. Thanks for including me in your podcast, Heather! It was great to meet you and talk with you. I hope you're recovering from SOAR related exhaustion.

  2. Ooooh oooh oooh, I did not know you were in that class that made the bags! I was SO impressed with everyone's bags, and I know I wasn't alone (in fact, the famed Judith grabbed me by the shoulder to make sure I looked at them all Wednesday night, because she was impressed with what everyone did, too).

    I so wanted to sit down and hang with you more. I would say SOAR's too short except I think we all barely survived as it was! *runs to listen to the podcast* Next year in the Poconos for sure.

    And you know... my father used to go to SOAR, and come home from it with what is now in retrospect obviously SOAR brain, but I still figured it was just another fiber show. Which it really is not. Lots of people tried to tell me, and I didn't believe it entirely until I went.

  3. Anonymous10:43 AM

    AARGH! SOAR envy! I loved the podcast, Heather - the giggling was actually just good mood-building. I know that the Bard REALLY meant "...or whether 'tis nobler in the mind to giggle..."

    Yay, Haute togs for the LitNiks!

  4. You didn't ask when/if spindlicity would have a new issue!

  5. That was fantastic, to revisit that moment from the outside.
    Did you save the other bits?

  6. Ooo, Ooo, Ooo! I so need to learn to spin NOW so I can save UK sheep farmers!! I love natural colored wool. Oh the agony of it's unwantedness!

    Sounds like a great time, thanks for sharing!

  7. All the times I saw you at meetings in Tucson and never knew you were craftlit until I saw a picture here:

    Now I'm in Michigan and also suffering from SOAR envy. Too much to do with moving to get myself up there this year. Say Hi to the ladies at Kiwi!

    Rosey in MI


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