Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Episode Seventy-three: A Haute Man is Good to Find

The September donors who will receive sock yarn from CheekyRedHead or a CraftLit charm from Jen Minnis Designs are:
Beverly of CT's name was drawn to receive Sock Yarn! (YAY! General rowdiness!)
Lauren of CA's name was drawn to receive the CraftLit charm! (Huzzah! Much rejoicing!)

We'll be getting those things out to you asap.

Today we end Tristan and Isolde (sob). We ALSO have a treat from Listener Jen Massey who recorded a retelling of Tristan and Isolde by Robin Williamson in a book called The Wise and Foolish Tongue.

We ALSO (o there's so much!) will soon have a series of Haute Men of CraftLit goodies, again, thanks to Jen Minnis—our resident artsy type, Erin, Dawn and the irrepressible Heidi—humor wordsmiths extraordinar√©. Bless their talent!

And Kate, member of The Boogie Knights, singers of "Tristan The Knight So Brave"! I LOVE the member names on this page!

And next week...SOAR, then...Frankenstein!!!


  1. Woot! I'm so excited for that fabu sock yarn. And Frankenstein, of course!!


  2. Lauren3:03 PM

    Yay! My charm arrived today. It's charming. :-) Thank you!

  3. Anonymous7:27 AM

    (Sob, snivel) Oh, can it be true? Is the brave, the chivalrous Tristan dead? Can Iseult the Fair be no more?

    This was SUCH a telenovela. Glory, glory, it was fun.

    What a poop Triss was, though, marrying an innocent third party (innocent till she sunk to his level at the end)! He wanted nothing to do with her, and like she couldn't tell, even before his deathbed tell-all to his buddy (who as brother of I of the W H should have been all over him like cheap perfume for that). I think Triss deserved everything he got and more at the end. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    So, on to Frankenstein - hooray!

    Have a great time at SOAR, Heather! As one Jew to another, blessing on your interviews.

  4. I loved Tristan and Isolde and it is helping my reading of the Dark is Rising Sequence. I can't wait for Frankenstein. Can we have a shirt with the Monster on it?
    Is it wrong that I want a Sidney Hoodie? He is just teen idol dreamy.

  5. Eliza Sea6:21 AM

    For some reason, iTunes is telling me there's an error with downloading this episode. Any suggestion?

  6. Hey Eliza.
    My iTunes got it, but I reposted it just in case. There's the player on this page, but I don't think you can download the mp3 from there.

    I'll try to get the library updated asap so that either way, you can get the episode there.

    Thanks for the headsup!

  7. I just reached the conclusion of Tritan & Isolde - I've been listening to CraftLit off & on for over a year and enjoying it immensely. I hope to catch up to the present in the next month or so!

    But I wanted to write now and tell you how much I enjoy every episode. I have really enjoyed every book & story so far and appreciated all of your commentary and extras, along with the personal updates! Thanks for starting CraftLit, Heather, and many, many thanks for keeping it going in the midst of your very busy life.

    all the best -
    Peace Weavers


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