Saturday, December 22, 2007

Episode Eighty: Elevate Me

Today, once again, I reference Young Frankenstein, blather about Cat Bordhi's new sock book* ( it. Really. Even if you don't knit socks), and generally wax rhapsodic about Frankenstein.

Today you get chapters 8, 9, AND 10. Why? Because you would, quite literally, arrange a posse to hunt me down if I left you hanging after 9. I joke not.

Happy Holidays to the lot of you!

*Link to Sock Book errata at the bottom of the page...nice to have an internet!


  1. Just finished Elevate me. Another great episode! I really want to beat Victor!! Amazing at how much disdain I have for the character. Shows signs of a great story, eh??

    Still listening during early morning feedings! I don't know what I'll do when he drops that feeding. It's my only down time in a 24 hour period!

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Ooh, what a piggie Victor is! Cry me a freakin' river, you chump. I'm dying here, Heather. I really really really want to slap him with a wet haddie.

  3. Heh. Love the title of this episode. :)


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