Sunday, December 30, 2007

Episode Eighty-one: Cross Examination

Today we begin the real trial for Victor as the Creature speaks (that miserable!)! As does former student Anahad O'Connor! (Buy his book!)

Chapter 11 for this episode; my voice won't hold up for more.

Some interesting bits of history sent on by Guru of the IT world, Tonia--many thanks!

Don't watch this part unless you don't mind spoilers:


  1. Dear Heather,

    Thank you for all that you do to keep us literate. You're indefatigable and we're the lucky recipients of your good energy. I'm a little behind now in listening to the podcasts but have heard all but the most recent from the beginning. You haven't heard from me for a while and I don't know if you remember me at all. I'm Elizabeth from New York and NJ, known also as Liza of Liza's Fibers, my blog which I update only infrequently . I grew up in Garrison, NY, just north of Croton-on-Hudson, through which we passed every day to school in Tarrytown. Until I retired I ran a book discussion group at the 92nd Street Y for years. My current favorite listen (I'm not finished yet) is Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters. I'm a librarian at large synagogue (actually, the largest) in New York.

    There's a a problem which will probably affect you. Perhaps you might prefer to contact me off list?

    I'd been eagerly anticipating attending SOAR this year. It is being held in the Poconos, about 45 minutes from our NJ house. Last time it was in the East I attended and had a perfectly lovely time. Even though I could have commuted, I stayed at the hotel. My partner (who is SOME Partner) has been encouraging me to sign up as soon as possible. When we checked the dates they seemed reasonable until I looked at my Jewish calendar. Do know that Yom Kippur is smack dab in the middle of SOAR? I can't believe that Interweave could be so thoughtless! SOAR begins Sunday, October 5. Kol Nidre is on Wednesday, October 8, meaning, naturally, that Yom Kippur is October 9. This would mean that I could only attend 2 days of the 3-workshops. (I'm on the ritual committee of our NJ synagogue.) Now, people begin arriving at SOAR on Thursday for the weekend part of it. I'd have no problem arriving at SOAR Friday morning bright and early. However, for those who don't live 45 minutes away, it would be very difficult to get to SOAR as Yom Kippur services usually don't end much before 8 pm and are usually followed by festive Break- Fasts.

    I contacted Karen Bock at Interweave but have only received an automated out-of-the-office response.

    I just can't believe that Interweave could make such a gaffe. This IS the Northeast and there are many Jewish fiber people for whom this is the most sacred day of the year. Yom Kippur is on ALL calendars nowadays!

    Any idea of what to do?

    Liza NYC & NJ

  2. Further thoughts on Frankenstein:

    Despite all the news references to "didn't Frankenstein teach us not to mess with this" stuff -- regarding scientific ethics, I would like to put forward the suggestion that Shelley's argument includes the idea that "if you do this sort of thing, then don't abandon it." My argument would be based on the argument of the monster himself, that Frankenstein is irresponsible in his response to having created the monster, his "sublime" fit shortly afterward, his escapist or wishful thinking about the monster when the monster seriously needs good "parentling" early in his development, etc.

    Looking forward to more discussion! Hope all is well for your new year!



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