Thursday, June 15, 2006

Episode Nine: Artist or Anorak

This week, chapters 23-26!

Hobby Horror...

Am I an Artist

or an Anorak?

As always, Pride and Prejudice is narrated by Annie Coleman. Intro music provided by which connected me with Joshua Christian’s “Chasing Hiro.”


  1. I would be bothered by the word hobby, too. It's got a pat-you-on-the-head feeling to it. To me, hobby feels like saying, "oh, isn't that cute or quaint, what you're doing there." You also addressed the money issue in your show, which I think might be a common connotation to the word; there's what you do professionally, and the rest is hobby.

  2. Yep! That's it! It's the head-pat part that gets me. I'm also reading a book that discusses the art vs craft's hard to decide where knitting fits, isn't it. Somehow with painting, it's easier to say "work of art" but with knitting...

  3. Heather, I agree that being call "crafty" is the worst - a woman at work says that to me all the time. My sister and I discussed this also. Being called "crafty" is a great insult because we think of our work as art. On the other hand, I had a man at work tell me he recognized one of my "pieces" on a fellow co-worker, and that he was beginning to be able to recognize my "work". That is so much kinder and flattering. He spoke of it like he would a piece in an art gallery and it soooo pleased me. I think of my work that way, too.


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