Friday, August 25, 2006

Episode Nineteen: Tragedies and Payoffs

Today, chapters 56-59; THE PAYOFF!

First: The Tragedies
My finger.
Simple Market Farms goes out of business--buy their remaining stock.
My inability to get good Wenslydale (cheese) for my Mom (click on "cheese" on the left and look for "Wallace and Gromit"). Read the Dairy's cool history while you're at it! (Scroll to the bottom and select "history".)

Second: The Payoffs
Tucson Handspinners Guild Spin-in at Kiwi Knitting. And buy cotton here while you're at it!!!
'Nuff said.

And OH GOOD NIGHT! The thing I almost forgot: The Gallery of Completed Creations! Kristen sent in the first -- her Birch shawl--photographed in Central Park in front of the (fab) statue of Ol' Bill (Shakespeare). Thank you, Kristen, for starting us off!

Send 'em in, fokls!

Do let me know what you're thinking re: War of the Worlds, Turn of the Screw, the first Oz book, or Tom Sawyer.

Sound good?

Email me your thoughts at MamaOKnits AT Gmail DOT com.

As always, Pride and Prejudice is narrated by Annie Coleman. Intro music provided by which connected me with Joshua Christian’s “Chasing Hiro.”



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