Thursday, August 09, 2007

Episode Sixty-Five: Gauging the Results

I'm on Vacation, but here are links Julie mentioned for y'all:

Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
(yes, I said Barbara Walker and I was so very WRONG!)

Cables Untangled
(see the cover? THAT'S the afghan I'm knitting for Rose)

LOST Reading Project: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

Meanwhile, Back in the Kitchen

Forgotten Classics

And...for reasons I'm not aware of...iTunes and Windows Media Player hates our Audacity file. I'll fill you in on why I can't fix it pronto this Wednesday. However, the player on this site is working here if you can, and I'll fix the problem asap.


  1. Umm, Heather... the podcast at iTunes for today is empty. I click "get" and it comes back emptyhanded. Any thoughts?

  2. I also had issues with iTunes but the feed on the site worked great. Julie you did a wonderful job. I can't wait for the finale chapter.

  3. Have a great vacation, Heather!

  4. I couldn't download from iTunes, either, but I'm listening right now on the site, so it's all good! :0)

  5. Julie, thanks for pointing us in the right direction in order to listen. You did a terrfic job filling in for Heather!!

  6. Miz Heather,

    I've been noticing that I'm having trouble with the sound levels of the show... I have to turn the volume all the way up on either my iPod or the computer to hear it at all, and when I pass a babbling brook the sound is drowned out. The chapter you read (Dark, I think?) was generally louder but the range of loudness varied a lot, so I had to turn the iPod up and down to hear and not be deafened.

    I don't know if it's just me? I dunno.

    I hope you had a great vacation!

  7. Hi Heather,
    I'm behind in the podcast, but I have one little thought I'd like to share.
    Sydney Carton and Severus Snape.
    Something to chew on.

  8. Episode four has disappeared! I downloaded one to fifteen a while back but I've only got around to listening to them now and the download didn't work properly and cut the ends off 3-15. I'm trying to re-download but ep 4 has vanished from your list in the sidebar.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  9. Sound levels and episode four should both be fixed now.
    : )
    Thank you!!!

  10. Chelsey12:13 AM

    just found your podcast and am SO excited to listen!


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