Thursday, August 16, 2007

Episode Sixty-six: It Is a Far, Far Better Thing...

First, once again, HUGE thanks to Julie who allowed me a much needed period of rest last week before the madness began again this week. I hope y'all scoot over to listen to Forgotten Classics too! (That Heyer woman is a hoot!)

Things I rambled about: Kohlberg's Morality Stages (I mentioned this before, right? It's soooo kewl!), anaphora, Iago.

And next...Tristan and Isolde! The High Drama of Chivalric Romance Will Commence!

There's More!

Julie, our guest host, had this to say about 300:

Now, about 300. It is NOT like the Terminator movies. For one thing the photography is a thing of beauty even if you don't like the movie. For another, yes there is a lot of shouting and sword fighting but the emphasis is on love of a husband and wife for each other, for their family, their city, their country and their culture. Drawn in broad terms, granted, but we ARE talking about Spartans here. Not a lot of subtlety. As well as the comic book version. Also not known for subtlety.

However, when we began watching it, it was clear that this movie was being drawn in heroic, epic terms. That made me instantly think of how the Spartans themselves would have thought and told the story ... in fact, the story is being told by a Spartan. Watching the whole movie as being seen through their eyes made the movie entirely enjoyable for me, as well as those themes mentioned above.

Heavens, look at how much I wrote. Not that I'm passionately defending it or anything! :-D
I stand corrected...and definitely intrigued!


  1. 15, 16 and 17 have disappeared :(

    Still trying to catch up but looking forward to "Tristan and Isolde"!

  2. Thanks again for the kind words! I had a blast doing the hosting.

    Looking forward to Tristan and Isolde, mostly because I'd never pick it in a thousand years and it's always good to be forced out of the boxes we make for ourselves. :-)

    Also, I believe the bad movie everyone is talking about was the Ridley Scott one that came out last year (?) ... for one thing imagine Ridley Scott directing that story (what little I know of it makes the mind boggle at that combo).

  3. I think you're right.
    Though it turns out Andrew caught about 15 minutes of it in a hotel room somewhere and said (as every critic I could find said) that Rufus Sewell (Fortinbras in Branaugh's Hamlet) was spectacular. He thought it was an error in writing that King Marke became a sympathetic character, but there are surprises in store for all of us on this one!

  4. Hey LadyJ...15, 16, 17 should be back. Let me know if there are other glitches!

  5. Heather,
    I loved Tale of Two Cities more than I ever thought I would. It is okay if the podcasts are late. We understand you are busy. Good luck with your first week of teaching. I'm envious of your students. I still have bad memories of Freshman Comp.

  6. Caitlyn3:28 PM

    I got all choked during the last chapter, just as you predicted.

    How's Freshman Comp going?


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